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Preparing Students for the Language of the Future


We facilitate a curriculum powered by that helps students ages 7-11 apply creative and critical thinking to solve coding problems, puzzles, and games. Students receive blended learning experiences of both online and offline exercises to stretch their thinking.

As parents, we realized our children needed more exposure to coding and problem solving to prepare them for an increasingly competitive and technically advanced world.....


Assistant Teacher Expectations for St. Joe Code Club

The St. Joe Code Club Assistant Teacher agrees to:


1.      Commit to every Monday from October 7th to November 25th. He or she will arrive on time to Cathedral school and assist with transitioning students to TBD classroom within the school. During the course, he or she will support Mr. Miller in executing the coding curriculum and activities from 3:45 to 4:45 pm. At the end of class, he or she will transition the students back to their parents at the entrance/exist at 4:45 pm for pick-up. 


2.      Agree to take initiative, follow through and support Mr. Miller and students to ensure the best student experience possible with maximum student learning and fun.


3.      As needed, support students with technical and coding issues as they work through the coding curriculum and activities.


4.      Share feedback on the class and student experience to Mr. Miller so he can better the class for the next day and week.


5.      Ensure the safety of all students at all times as they participate in the program.


6.      Ensure the protection of self by never being alone with a student, never being in the bathrooms with students, never raising his or her voice and never putting his or her hands on a student. If there is a discipline issue, please defer to Mr. Miller as he is a trained educator to address any issue that arises. 


7.      If the assistant teacher is sick and needs to miss class, please alert Mr. Miller as soon as possible so he can plan accordingly.


8.      Treat every student fairly, explain the content/activity to the best of your ability, share your passion for the work, bring students together and build trust with each student.


9.      Learn the names of the students, promote student participation in all activities, report any incident or behavior problems to Mr. Miller.


10.  Dress and speak professionally to represent St. Joe Code Club and Cathedral School with honor. Set a good example in everything you do while at St. Joe Code Club. Finally, there is absolutely no phone or personal device use during the class.  


About St Joe Code Club

World class coding training for kids... Our Vision is to provide an accessible, affordable, and innovative learning environment to help students learn how to code and develop creative problem solving skills. We use a combination of laptops, PCs, Macs, Robotics, and Mobile technologies throughout our courses, and we are a licensed provider of the curriculum. The goal of this club is to make learning code fun and memorable for your child while advancing their ability to understand complex concepts that will help them regardless of which career choice they make as an adult.



519 North 10th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri 64501, United States of America

St. Joseph, Missouri, United States of America



PAY RATE: $15.00 Per hour



Temporary / Seasonal

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1 - 10 employees



K-12 Education industry


St. Joseph, Missouri, United States of America




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Scott Meierhoffer





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