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World class coding training for your kids...

Our Vision is to provide an accessible, affordable, and innovative learning environment to help students learn how to code and develop creative problem solving skills.

We use a combination of laptops, PCs, Macs, Robotics, and Mobile technologies throughout our courses, and we are a licensed provider of the Code.org curriculum.

The goal of this club is to make learning code fun and memorable for your child while advancing their ability to understand complex concepts that will help them regardless of which career choice they make as an adult.  

The Benefits of Teaching your child code...

Coding is quickly becoming one of the base knowledge requirements for many of the most valuable careers in this global economy.  We also know that learning a new language is easiest when your young. Coding is no longer just for those that intend to go into computer programming, virtually every industry and job can be improved with a workforce that has a solid understanding of the logic behind how code works.  Code logic can help your child work through more than just software related problems, this method of understanding the world around us helps your child organize their thoughts in a more organized manner and overall helps them improve their understanding of complex concepts. Join the growing trend of preparing your for a career improved by understanding code. Your child will enjoy this learning experience while they build games and animate objects on their screen.  You won't mind this kind of screen time when your children ask for just a few more minutes of coding.

The possibilities to teach programming with a Sphero in the classroom are endless!


A Sphero is a robotic ball that helps to bring coding to life. It is simple by design but allows for students of all ages to program and then see their code in action.

Challenges can be set up which familiarize students with control of Sphero. These challenges can be based on a variety of content areas and include moving Sphero through a sequence of commands or locations.

We Can’t wait to start with the sphero’s and see where it takes imaginations of the students.





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